Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Think Beyond Skin Color and Gender When Voting for Your President

There is no doubt Obama's quick rise is in part because of his race. Strong black Clinton supporters have had little choice but to jump ship and join the Obama team. It is a race issue. At present, black leaders need to fully support Obama no matter what their personal opinion for fear of losing the respect of their black community.

God forbid a white person say what is glaringly evident. It is no suprise that Obama's top strategist, David Axelrod, would try to use Geraldine Ferraro's words, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position" against her and the Clinton campaign.

Axelrod claims this is an "insidious pattern that needs to be addressed". Damn straight. Let's address it! The Clintons have always been forerunners when it comes to equal rights and caring for the needs of all people - no matter religion, race, gender, sexual preference, low income, etc.

Clinton is not losing the black vote because of her past track record. She is losing the black vote because blacks feel there is a strong chance a they can actually get a black in office and blacks are very loyal to their own kind. Blacks are not the only group voting for Obama but if you're black chances are very good you will vote Obama and in many states this has made a big difference in the polls.

This is by no means a 'wink and nod' notion as Axelrod suggests and the accusation is deflamatory, insulting and completely inappropriate. Axelrod's strategy is to defecate all over Geraldine's reputation whether she deserves it or not and in the state of American society it's that easy to do it if you even try to suggest something might be racially motivated.

Duh!!!! Blacks are voting for Obama because he's black. Don't believe me? Check the polls. It's an obvious fact not a 'wink and nod'. Ferraro's words aren't far fetched accusations, allegations or slander. It's easier then first grade math. But no, Americans are too tuned into strategists sound bites and tuned out of reality to call Axelrod's accusations what they are - racially motivated slander.

There is nothing wrong for voting for anyone you want to vote for, just remember that this person will be your president for the next four years. Try to take race and sex out of it. If you vote for Hilary because she's a woman then you're a fool. If you vote for Obama because he's black you're a fool. If you refuse to vote for Hilary because she's a woman then you're a fool. If you refuse to vote for Obama because he's black they you are a fool.

Vote for the candidate with the best track record that you believe will be able to do the best for you, your family and your country over the next four years.

Look at Bush Jr and how he has destroyed not only so many lives in America but in Iraq as well. Many of you voted for this moron. Think good and hard before you put anyone else in office.

Yes, we need change. A black man or a woman cannot bring true change simply because of the color of their skin or their gender.

This is your country. Own it. Learn about your candidates.

What is it you want in the next four years? Do you want better wages and living conditions for you and your family? From Clinton's track record I can only assume she can help you get there and will work hard to try.

Do you remember when her husband was first put in office and she took Health Care head on. She worked hard toward that goal as the media and politicians scoffed at her attempts to bring universal health care to our country. She pounded the pavement, learned and shared her knowledge. She was beat down and put in her place.

It was pathetic how our government never even gave her a chance... and yes, because she was a woman and because it would have hurt big business. But this woman kept coming back, she kept showing how much she cared for the average American, the working class, those who were getting by. Clinton knows most of America is not made up of the 1% who seem to be running the country as present. Clinton knows the country is made up of people like you and me and that this is our country and that we are the people she needs to serve. I know this because I've seen Clinton in action over the years. She's not a sound bite. She's a dedicated citizen of our country trying to make it a better place for all Americans.

The point is that what she looks like doesn't matter. Her actions matter. Her actions match the needs of this country. She can make this America a better place for all Americans and therefore a better place in the global economy which is a currently a huge American concern.

Honestly, I don't know much about Obama but each time I listen to him speak he's full of empty sound thirty seconds bites that don't seem to carry much weight. I'm worried that he doesn't actually have a plan but rather good a campaign which is fed to him.

We are finally getting rid of a completely moronic president who should never have been in office and didn't care about the needs of Americans. Instead he cared about big business, Haliburton an Exxon.

You better think beyond skin color and gender, start looking beyond sound bites and campaign strategies and start looking at who will help you, your family and your country succeed over the next four years. This is your country. Act like it!

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