Sunday, May 15, 2011

Allergies and Local Honey

Twice a year Sophie has her seasonal cough. It's a deep, rough cough that always gets me plenty worried and always leads her to say in her sweet little voice, 'Mom, it's just my seasonal cough'.

Well, we're full into allergy season as we watch the pollen float freely though the air and reports on my mail serve claim this allergy season may be worse than most... yet, neither the kid nor I are having issues. Strange, right?

I recently read that local honey can make you less susceptible to allergies. Both Sophie and I have been having a ton of honey over the past few weeks or so. It seems most likely that our allergies have taken a back seat as a result of the large doses of local honey we've been eating. Sophie actually has no cough at all. Very strange for this time of year.

This past week, between the two of us without trying we've managed to polish off a 5 lb jug of local honey. We don't use other kinds of sweeteners (ie. cane sugar, agave, raw sugar or any of those other really bad substitutes).

Honey is great in coffee and tea, on pancakes, cereal, toast, etc.

Just thought I'd put it out there.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Birthday & My Kid with Jodie Foster's Beaver

During last night's Q&A at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Jodie Foster was asked how an unknown writer could get someone like Foster to look at her script. Foster's new film, The Beaver, was written by a 1st time unknown writer which was sent to Foster by her agent and which had been listed as one of the top 100 unknown (or unmade? something like that...) scripts. In short, Foster said, if something is good it'll rise. That perhaps she was a little naive in this area but she believed that talent can prevail.

It's like I tell Sophie, there is always room for people who are good at what they do! Don't worry about the competition. If you're good, you're good and there is always room for people who are good at what they do!

Foster said that casting, funding and making an independent feature film is difficult even for an 'A Lister' like herself. As a director she is just so pleased that she has made it that it doesn't really matter to her if people go to see it. She said that every second on the screen she wanted there and she is very satisfied with the end result.

Foster is beautiful, talented, vulnerable. wears her life, soul and heart on her sleeve and considers her work to be therapy.

Foster enjoys making 'delicate' films. She has been offered big movies to direct but is quite content making small films. She finds some people easy to both direct and act with while with some other actors it becomes a more arguous process.

When I used to envision what motherhood would be like I could never see past the toddler years. But if anyone would have told me that I would spend my 44th birthday at the Film Society of Lincoln Center with my 19 year old daughter for an 'Evening with Jodie Foster' I would have approved. It was an ideal evening which soothed my soul and positively influenced, inspired and invigorated my child.

As far as the the title of Jodie Foster's new film. She loves it, loves saying it and loves joking about it. She seems to keep everything in perspective and to be a woman who has learned from both what she has done in her life as well as what life has dealt her and given to her. Basically, she's a woman of substance and character who seems to live beyond her fears to achieve the dreams that she can imagine and we are all blessed to experience.

I remember when I was a kid and Tom Sawyer came on TV. There was this strong, opinionated, fearless girl taking on Tom. She was my idle. I'll never forget how cool Becky was. To know Becky is the Coppertone Girl, the totally cool daughter in Freaky Fridayl and the woman who made last night's The Beaver and so many more in between simply puts a smile on my face! Always her own girl. Now her own woman. Strong headed. Graceful. Always the professional and simply a wonderful role model for those who follow. There is a certain sense of happiness and comfort with this knowledge. Some people trying know their actions matter and live their life accordingly. We need more people like this in the industry because what we program and create is what we share with the world.