Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dogs and Baths

This morning my Shitzu, Jeffrey Higgins, took a long await bath. Bathing my dog is not my favorite thing to do. I have a half bath in the 2nd bathroom which is all his. For me, it means bending over to wash him. By the end of the bath, the dog is clean and my back is killing me.

As always, I've been looking for new and different ways to create streams of income. The latest thing I've been looking at is affiliate marketing. I've used Google Ads for a long time but reaching beyond hasn't been something I've invested much time into.

Dog Bath

Today, while checking out possible affiliate partners I ran across a dog bath. Unfortunately, it
is not something I could use since I live in an apartment building but it would be ideal for someone who lives in a house, has a garage, an outdoor space, or perhaps a garage.

This dog bath is raised reducing or eliminating stress to the bath! Ahhh... the things people come up with. I love good ideas... and clean dogs!

Note: The adorable dog with her tongue hanging out is Lola. My daughter, Sophie, got Lola when she moved into her own place. Sophie's dog's personality is totally different from my dog's personality. Both dogs are adorable and shitzus are known to have a wonderful temperament but just like people they are all different. Jeffrey is dignified and regal with impeccable manners while Lola gets into everything and has a tendency to eat things she shouldn't. Sophie went to the pet store and spent a long time meeting shitzus to see which dog would be the best match for her. When she met Lola she knew she had met the right dog for her.