Monday, June 7, 2010

Considering an America Without Oil Drilling

BP_Oil_Rig_On_FireI posted the below on my Facebook.

"If our government were really serious about stopping BP's oil leak which is destroy the Gulf, the environment and neighboring economies Obama would end ALL BP DRILLING in the US until the leak was 100% sealed and all harm created by the leak healed, fixed and cleaned up. Our country can not afford to have ineffective government. It is simply not working for the people."
I was aware of the possibility that someone would write a differing point of view.

Inga Howe-Geniesse wrote, "this is a pretty narrow view. do you know, who put the DEREGULATIONS INTO PLACE, so things like this desaster could happen??????2003....Are you really educated enough about this issue to make these statements? Sad- that people are so blinded by the media and do not get to the bottom of it. This is so ignorant."

Dead_Sea_Life_BP_Oil_Spill_GulfNote: She's better at slamming others than she is backing up her position with facts.

My public Facebook response was, "Yes, Inga. I'm really educated enough to make these statements. I believe Chaney made many of these lovely changes that have messed up so much of our world. This isn't a partisan issue. This is an environmental and economic issue. How is having an opinion about this being blinded by the media? I have not heard the media once say that 'All BP drilling' should be stopped in the US until the leak is sealed and the land is healed. In fact, I haven't heard anyone say it. If we allow the company at fault to take the hit other companies will become more weary of their actions. I believe they should be held responsible as should the citizens of the US.BP_Oil_Spill_Gulf_Of_Mexico If we aren't responsible enough to drill then we shouldn't do it. We've got alternatives in place that don't destroy the world. We should be forced to use them. This is not ignorance but common sense."

The reality is that it would be very difficult for a country so heavily reliant upon oil to stop using it. Nonetheless, if oil was all of a sudden no longer available we would immediately start using the natural energy resources at hand mixed with consuming less as we would be forced and encouraged to do. Hopefully, we would not choose to become too heavily reliant upon nuclear energy but rather use it sparingly during the transition to safer alternatives.

This is an important conversation to begin. If all of BP's drilling in the US stopped completely until the leak was fixed then the leak would be fixed. BP is not looking to stop the leak as much as they are seeking ways of funneling the oil into tankers so the product is not lost. In the Oil_Drenched_Bird_Gulf_2010meantime the Gulf of Mexico is receiving damage that we may not be able to heal. The oceans are being filled with chemicals that are making the cleanup crews too sick to work. Dead sea life is washing up to shore both as a result of the chemicals and oil. Our beaches are becoming oil stained while our fisherman and coastal workers are losing their jobs. All of this because of a leak BP created and has refused to seal for nearly 50 days.

It is time to change our course of long term action. It is time to start having different conversations that don't include continuing down a path of destruction for our environment and economy but rather to look at healthy solutions that can work positively for both people and the environment for the long term. We've been having this conversation for a long time. People are willing. The government and big business haven't been willing to let go of their greed to allow for environmental progress which has been desperately needed.

As a people, we must demand change and progress. We must demand the environment and economy is protected both for our existing generations and those to follow. This is not ignorance but common sense.

People, businesses and government who say we can't move Oil_Spill_On_Beach_2010_Gulfaway from oil are wrong. The rhetoric is nonsense, must be seen for what it is, and the people must demand change for their own survival. Does that seem to strong of a statement? Does that seem unrealistic? Ask coastal workers in Louisiana what they think. Ask the restaurants that don't have customers if they can survive on oil or if they are ready for change.

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