Friday, April 10, 2009

Blogging a Scrapbook

Last night, Sophie was talking to a family friend who suggested that Sophie keep an scrapbook and wished she had better kept on for herself as she now has few photos of her childhood and teen years.

I told Sophie that she can keep a virtual scrapbook with her blog. You don't have to lug online scrapbooks around like you do physical scrapbooks and considering we live in France and she plans on attending college in the US the logistics of carting your belongs around can be a real issue.

My website, MeMyKidandLife, is an online scrapbook of my thoughts, family, activities, hopes and dreams all wrapped into one space... well, one space with a few branches (my WordPress Blog and my Blogspot Blogs. As long as your online scrapbook, diary, or memoirs, blog! aren't going to be shut down the next time you change service providers or something like that, your life can be well documented online and preserved for later while shared with others while your life happens.

Sophie wasn't too crazy about documenting her life online although she already does it. Check out her blog, read her poetry, watch her films, buy her dreadlocks!

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