Friday, April 10, 2009

Taking Your Teen to Amsterdam

A couple years ago, Sophie and I spent a few days in Amsterdam. We had a great time but I wasn't planning on returning just because I want to experience as many European cities as possible while I have such easy access since I currently live in France.

Last summer, four of Sophie's teenage friends rode their bicycles from Strasbourg to Amsterdam. Ever since, Sophie had been saying how she wanted to take a trip to Amsterdam with her friends. I really didn't want my teenage daughter running off to Amsterdam unescorted by an adult.

Recently, she has been talking more and more about how much she wants to go to Amsterdam before returning to the States for college. The more she talked about it the more concerned I become about it. French parents see to be a lot more free and easy with their children than American parents... or maybe I'm just stricter than 99.99999% of French parents. Nonetheless, I don't want my teenager in Amsterdam with only her teen friends. I just sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

Therefore, I asked Sophie how she felt about going to Amsterdam with me for a week. I said that it would be our trip before she went back to the States. I told her that she could pick the city, that it didn't have to be Amsterdam but it could be up to her. She was excited and wanted to go!

This choice meant that she could revisit Amsterdam which her heart had been craving while I could have the mother's comfort of knowing where my child was, who she was with in a strange city, and not needing to worry about what she might encounter while traveling to this city which can probably get rather wild at times. Basically, it worked out well for both of us.

Our week long trip to Amsterdam was the best trip we've taken together in years.

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