Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Packing for & Traveling Light in Nicaragua

Packing LightOne 12.9 pound travel bag that fits in front of my seat on Spirit Air is all I packed for an eight day trip to Granada, Nicaragua to celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday.
To bring more luggage would cost more ($20 each way) and make me look more like a tourist during my travels in Nicaragua.

I suppose if I really felt the need to have additional luggage I'd spend the money on it but, generally speaking (unless on a cruise), I really only wear one or two outfits most of the time anyway. So, this time around I have simplified my life.

Back toward the end of August I visited my daughter in NYC. I was traveling the day of the Packing for Nicaraguahurricane. Both my inital flight and my transfer flight had been cancelled. I knew arriving to NYC within a timely manner could be an issue. In fact, I knew it could take days.
Sophie and I wear the same size. My solution was to pack books instead of clothes. So, that is what I did. It ended up working out perfectly. So I thought I would try it again on this trip, albeit with the clothes and without the books this time around.

I am wearing jeans, a belt, tennis shoes, socks and a basic sleeveless black top. I carried on a raincoat with a sweat jacket within for warmth... and hurricane season. In my back are 10 decks of flashcards, a laptop + cord, phone + cord, camera + cord, wallet, make-up case, two pair of reading glasses + cases, a 6'x3' grey cotton scarf, thin black socks, flip flops, a floor length black skirt, black leggings, a long sleeve dark grey basic cotton top and a bag for all the cords and my passport.

what to pack for NicaraguaUnfortunately, I forgot the sliced roast beef and provolone I had purchased to eat before catching the flight and am now completely starved as a result without a morsel in the hostel (Managua Backpacker's Inn) to eat. Ahh, I just ran into a sweet Polish girl with pasta who has mugged at 8am the other morning while walking from the other hostel to this one. I am now eating pasta with a content tummy surrounded by ants. She met a man who didn't pay an extra dollar to keep his luggage with him. It was all stolen. I guess he was really traveling light after that! I think I will sleep in my clothes and use my small bag as a teddy bear in hopes of not losing anything.

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