Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Water & Cashews in Nicaragua

So, I had some tap water and cashews about an hour ago and now I feel sick. The last few cashews tasted kind of weird so I'm inclined to think it wasn't the water plus the lady at the hotel (Hotel Spa Granada) said the water is fine to drink. That being said, who gets sick from cashews?!? By the way, the cashews were local as well. I'm in Granada now.

Everyone says don't drink the water in Mexico but I haven't heard that about Nicaragua... not that I've ever heard much besides the problems from a few decades ago.

According to WikiTravel, drinking the water in Nicaragua is not a good idea. Lonely Planet states that drinking the water in Nicaragua is generally okay. Nonetheless, I still feel yucky and wish the lady behind the counter hadn't discouraged me from bottled water. Maybe they were out of it?

Note: I met a man in town that got very sick from the cashews. He said they nuts are washed in the creek and that the creek water isn't clean. I haven't had any more cashews during this trip and have had some water. I'm still not sure I should be drinking the water. It probably takes a little while to adapt to it but bottled water is not always readily available and the humidity and heat is rather intense down here in Nicaragua.

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