Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hotel Spa Granada - Day One

Today is my first day at Hotel Spa Granada. I found it on Yahoo Travel's Best Boutique Hotels around the world. It looked cool and Sophie wanted to experience a different culture.

The hotel grounds and rooms are lovely. The furniture and art are perhaps not the best and sometimes limited in execution but the idea is nice. Sometimes it feels like the styles are a miss match. This is not something I mind. So pieces work very well together and with the overall ambiance. Sometimes, it just doesn't work well. Nonetheless, the pool and garden paths are lovely. There are many adorable statues and pieces of art or woodwork that add some lovely character.

The owner is sitting a few tables away from me and has been on the phone for quite some time. He seems to have several money issues with several different people. It also appears he has billed someone $1700 when the going rate is $1200, so they will need to 'make a note of it and remember it for next time." The owner is an American man probably in his 40s.

When I signed in they manually swiped my credit card and asked me to sign it without a price attached. I was not comfortable doing that. They said that they would fill it in when I left - which would also be the time I should sign it, I said questioning their approach. I agreed to sign it but only with a crossed out zero in the dollar amount. You can't just give someone a blank check. And now hearing the owner complain about problems he is having with other customers and workers only adds to the question of weather or not they are on the level when asking for an signed credit card slip with no price entered in.

Earlier today the weather was perfect for swimming and laying out for a moment. It was also nearly stifling hot. Now, it has rained and there was a cool breeze which has allowed for a pleasant tranquility.

I was supposed to have Wifi in my room but the signal is too weak so I have to go to a common area.

According to Wikipedia, hotel rooms go for $10-35 per night. I'm paying $49 per night. Wifi would be nice. I know in other parts of the world that might be cheap but the car that backfired for the 5th time and not for the first time today is also not in other parts of the world neither is the lack of safetly felt here. Apples and oranges cannot be compared.

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