Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pure Spa Yoga Gym Granada, Nicaragua

I went to Pure after being rather disappointed with the quality of the massages at the Hotel Spa Granada (no matter the type of massage I ordered - reflexology, mini-massage, deep tissue) all the massages were basically the same) and the attitude of the masseuses (bothered them that I didn't speak Spanish) I decided to branch out to see what else I could discover.

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My goal was to find a nice relaxing massage from someone who understood pressure points. Someone who could work out the toxins and knots.

I found a brochure for Pure which offers massage, yoga, spa treatments, etc. The first person I saw was local, Claudia. She didn't seem to mind that I didn't speak English but her massage was pretty much the same as what I received at the Hotel Spa Granada including the 'give me cauliflower ear' crunching!

I decided to go back the next day but to use someone else. Mark, from North Carolina but lives in Central America traveling from one place to another, gave me a massage. I hadn't really wanted a man to massage me after experiencing Jose from the Hotel Spa Granada - who claims to be blind but stares right at you while you change refusing to leave or speak English - but I figured I'd give it another shot.


Marc was wonderful. He gave an excellent massage with no weird or annoying stuff. He was American so he spoke English and didn't give an attitude because I don't speak Spanish. Nor did he give an attitude about anything else... accept he doesn't massage the face. He didn't give an attitude about it, he just doesn't do it. He sees it as a different entity. Whatever. I really wasn't a deal breaker for me so I didn't care. He also didn't crunch my ears. He had a high level of professionalism and had been giving massages for 4 years or so and had a place back in the States before he moved abroad.

I found out that the cashier (a nice young man) at Pure was stealing from me. I spoke to the owner, Warren, about it who was very relieved the cashier wasn't stealing from him but was only stealing from his customers.

The charge was $30 US and I was charged 862 Cordobas (Nicaraguan money) when I should have been charged 682 Cordobas. I wasn't given a receipt any of the days there until the last day and only after I learned the theft was happening. It can be difficult to get a receipt from someone who claims they can't understand what you are saying.

I suggested to the owner, Warren, that he allow people to pay with PayPal. This way we would pay in dollars and know we weren't being ripped off. He wasn't so keen on that thinking it would be hard to get a person access to a computer. I told him that I had my computer in my bag. Another option would be to allow the customer to pay online in advance to avoid the computer issue. He didn't seem sold on the idea.

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My second suggestion was to write both Cordoba and US dollar charges on the menu so that there was no question about the exchange rate. The owner, Warren, seemed to think that would be a nuisance since he would have to change it monthly.

So basically, it seemed that the owner of Pure was fine with the customer getting ripped off as long as he wasn't. I spoke with the owner on my last day in Granada. Had I stayed any longer I would have found a different place to get massages. I was unimpressed with the owner's interest in solving the problem for customers particularly since he had so much relief that it wasn't himself getting ripped off. It seemed he should have been more understanding of the problem and more concerned for his customers.

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