Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transportation Between Managua and Granada

bus from Managua to GranadaFrom my hostel in Managua, the bus was only a couple blocks away - apparently, a couple of rather dangerous blocks to walk... but only a couple blocks nonetheless.

Once on the main road there was a bus which which cost 20 cordobas which is the same as $1 US dollar (actually slightly less). The bus felt safe and the people were friendly. It was not a large school bus but a smaller, newer bus. No air conditioning. The windows were open. In fact, the doors were open, as well. A man would hang out of the moving bus attempting to lure passengers. Honestly, it seemed quite expedient.

The buses move like hell on wheels. A bus racing down the road beside our bus had a police bus from Managua to Granadasiren. It definitely was just a regular old bus but I guess that was the horn or just used for effect while the buses sped as quickly as possible within inches of each other and often arms out the window.

I think the ride was something like 40 minutes. I very much enjoyed the joy ride. It was quite an amazing experience. I love speed and a slight, albeit rather safe, thrill and taking the bus between Managua and Granada was just that. The bus was full. For about the first 15 minutes or so I had to stand which wasn't really an issue at all. It was best that I had no luggage. There really wasn't anywhere for it and it would have proven terribly inconvenient if I hadn't lost it along the way. No need for all that sort of worrying.

bus from Managua to GranadaHonestly, I'm looking forward to the ride back from Granada to Managua except for the fact that I don't know how to get to the airport once back in Managua. I will look it up. I would guess the bus from Granada might stop at the bus terminal. I'm fairly sure I catch a bus to the airport from there. I'd love to see the new cathedral in Managua but due to how unsafe I hear it to be I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to spend a moment longer than need be in the city.

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